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Monday, July 22, 2013

List of Device Recalls: Tracheostomy Tube Recalled for Mislabeling

List of Device Recalls
FDA posts consumer information about the most serious medical device recalls. These products are on the list because there is a reasonable chance that they could cause serious health problems or death.

Use the yearly lists to find information about Class I medical device recalls and some Class II and III recalls of interest to consumers. The links give details about what to do if you own or use one of these products.

Please note that FDA now lists medical device recall notices by the date that it posts the recall rather than the recall initiation date.  You can find the date that a firm initiated a recall in the text of the recall notice.

Learn more about medical device recalls here2.


Recent Medical Device Recalls

Listed by date posted on FDA website.

West Nile Mosquito-Monitoring Program